• A land worth fighting for
    A Land Worth Fighting for

    The Siege of ClonmelThe Siege of Clonmel

    In 1642, a bitter Civil War erupted in England between the King, Charles I, and Parliament. The chief military commander on Parliament’s side was Oliver Cromwell. Having defeated the King’s armies in England, Cromwell took the fight to Ireland, landing here in August 1649. In January 1650 Cromwell reached Tipperary – in his own… Read more

  • Power

    The Power of moneySymbols of Power

    Humans display power in different ways. This might be through possession of special things that others do not have, or display of strength through uniforms and weapons, or even by what is called ‘extravagant consumption’ – showing how rich you are by your ability to effectively ‘throw money away’. People can show this by how… Read more

  • Life

    Childhood WorkA Natural Order

    Life in times past followed a natural order. The ‘sustainability’ we search for today was a simple fact of life. Food was local, seasonal and produced without artificial fertiliser, pesticides or herbicides. Consumption was limited. Most waste was compostable. There was no plastic. Houses were built of local materials and they ‘fitted’ the landscape… Read more

  • Sport and Entertainment
    Sport and Entertainment

    The Cruiskeen ConservedThe Cruiskeen Conserved

    After Maurice Davin’s death in 1927, the Cruiskeen was stored upside down in a cowshed at the Davin family farm outside Carrick on Suir. There it lay for nearly one hundred years, all but forgotten. In May 2006, Maurice’s grandnephew Pat Walsh decided to try to save the boat and offered it to the Tipperary County… Read more

  • Suir Story
    Suir Story

    A Rich WaterwayA rich waterway

    The River Suir rises in the Devil’s Bit mountain northwest of the town of Templemore. Making its way through the stunning landscapes of counties Tipperary, Kilkenny and Waterford, it joins the Atlantic Ocean at Waterford Harbour, having completed a journey of 185 kilometres. It is the third longest river in Ireland, after the Shannon and the Barrow.… Read more

  • Death and Faith
    Death and Faith

    Famine and MigrationThe Otherworld


    The Otherworld is never far away in Tipperary. The passage tomb on top of Slievenamon has been regarded as a portal to the Otherworld for thousands of years. Holy Wells are still visited today just as they have been since pagan times.

    To see a ghost is unusual but not unheard of - some people say this Museum is haunted by… Read more