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    Culture night
About this Exhibition

1.     Time: 5.30 – 6.30pm

Free Event: Family Architectural Treasure Hunt: Clonmel

Description: Tipperary Museum of Hidden History is delighted to launch our ‘Family Architectural Treasure Hunt: Clonmel’. We know how important our past, present and future buildings shape our towns, so we decided to highlight important historical buildings across Clonmel to help you understand our beautiful town. You can follow our specially devised map and return it to the museum to be in for a chance to

win ‘An OPW Heritage Card’.

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2.     Time:7pm – 7.45pm

Free Event: "Designing and Building the Tipperary Museum of Hidden History"

Description: Marc Roosli, Managing Director at Mirador Media and lead interpretative designer, talks through the process of bringing history to life through innovative interpretation methods,

a clever use of space, and collaboration with the museum team in delivering this fantastic world-class facility to the town of Clonmel and County Tipperary."


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3.      Time: 8pm – 8.45pm

Free Event: Exhibition: Launching a collection of works by Mollie Anna King and Kriti Khatri who both investigate the tactile nature of their chosen medium.

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Artist: Mollie Anna King

Title: "PPE (haptic structures/room dividers)"

Description: This installation is created in response to our current use of screens and room dividers as a means of control and containment. Touch, tactility and engaging with our built environment, though an important part of our daily lives, has been reduced to distanced interactions as our surroundings are imbued with a sense of hazard/risk. The structures on display highlight our need for stimulation and a sense of novelty in the places we inhabit and the lingering need to interact without barriers.

Dimensions: Various sizes

Artist: Kriti Khatri 

Title: The Knots

Description: Knotting or Macramé is one of many crafts revived by those who love working with their hands. After fading in popularity, Macramé saw resurgence in the 1970's.

Now, Macramé is back, making waves again through its contemporary patterns used in clothing, necklaces, bracelets, wall hangings, curtains, table runners etc. that have revitalized the historic knotting technique with a cleaner and more natural look.

Dimensions: 3ft x 4ft

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