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  • Morals and Misconduct Lecture
    Morals and Misconduct Lecture
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This, the 7th annual lecture series presented by Tipperary County Museum will look at crime both legally and morally and perceptions of crime, punishment and rehabilitation from early Christian to modern times. It will look at the offenders, the justice system and the public perception of what constituted a crime. Is a crime actually a crime when it is committed for a valid or justifiable reason in the opinion of the offender or wider society? Do upbringing, faith and education determine what individuals perceive as right and wrong? Speakers will examine the attitudes of society towards the law as well as how punishment has evolved towards a more sympathetic rehabilitative notion.

Included in this series of lectures

  • Sin and Punishment: Church and the People in Early Ireland
  • The Rise and Fall of Borstal in Clonmel, 1906-1956
  • Justifying Violence Food Riots and the Great Hunger
  • The Cormack Brothers
  • Mirroring Morals in Penality
  • History of Suicide, Law and Medicine
  • Ireland’s Industrial Schools